Divorce and Family Law

Family Law Lawyer

Going through a divorce is never easy. Although it can be an emotionally challenging process, it is our goal to handle your case with skill and efficiency so that you can focus on you and your family. At the Law Office of John M. Zarcone, Jr., Esq., we have been serving for over years. From our office in Putnam Valley, New York, we represent clients with family law issues such as child custody, child support, domestic violence and orders of filiation.

A Divorce Lawyer Looking Out for You

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, or are ready to begin divorce proceedings, you might have questions about how the process will affect you and your future. At the Law Office of John M. Zarcone, Jr., Esq., we will work with you one-on-one, every step of the way. Our office handles two different types of divorces; contested and uncontested.

Contested & Uncontested Divorce Proceedings:

We have experience in handling contested divorces. We will work hard to negotiate an agreement that will effectively protect your rights and interests along with those of any minor child.
We attempt to guide our clients to consider the alternative of an uncontested divorce. This is an option available to our clients. The party or client are informed that providing both sides remain amicable in the discussion as it pertains to the division of their marital property, maintenance, child support, and Qualified Domestic Relations Order(s) (QDRO) that may be applicable regarding the division of pensions or retirement benefits can potentially save the client on attorney fees, and in most cases expedite if not streamline this process.

Marital Separation Agreements

If you and your spouse are considering separation it is important to understand what a separation agreement means and what the benefits are. A separation agreement is in essence a contract between the parties outlining their rights and interests including child support, custody and maintenance (spousal support). A separation agreement as opposed to a divorce can maintain a spouse’s health insurance benefits that may be supplied to that individual (or the children) by the other spouse. This agreement if the parties are desirous to proceed forward with a divorce at a later date will then become (in most cases) their stipulation of settlement. While a person can always attempt to negate terms or conditions from this agreement in most cases will allow the parties to make application for an uncontested divorce. Our office will assist with the drafting and then the filing of your marital separation agreement.

Family Court Issues

Complicated issues involving child custody, visitation, child support, domestic violence and orders of filiation / paternity (just to highlight some topics) should be handled by an attorney.

Custody and visitation:

Our goal is to protect the “best interests of your child”, while still advocating for a custody plan that works for you.

Child support:

We will work on your behalf of your child’s financial needs. This can include issues regarding extra-curricular activity expenses, health insurance, higher education and/or trade school tuition, room, and board. These are just a few important issues that can arise while representing you for your child or children.

Domestic violence:

We represent clients who are seeking an order of protection against their spouse, another family member, or a significant other. An order of protection can grant a person relief by seeking a full “stay away order” or the lesser a “do not harass or annoy order”. Naturally, depending on the facts and the age of your child or children a request by the custodial parent can also include them as well.
We also represent, and defend the rights of those individuals who believe or may have been falsely accused by the opposing party who has obtained or is attempting to have granted an order of protection against this individual.

Orders of filiation:

Determining whether a person is in fact the parent of a child in some cases may take an application to the court for an order of filiation. A client may seek court intervention to either establish paternity or to determine if in fact that person is the biological parent. This determination in New York affects what is in a child’s best interest regarding child support and the like until the child is either emancipated or in most cases attains the age of 21.

Prenuptial agreements:

We will work with you and your partner to draft an agreement that will provide the security you need.