State and Federal Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil Rights Attorney

Any person is entitled to the rights and privileges outlined in our Constitution. If you feel that your constitutional rights have been violated by the government or a government entity, you may have grounds for a civil rights action.

At the Law Office of , we believe in protecting the rights and interests of all people no matter what their nationality or citizenship may be. With the assistance of our associates, we will file civil rights claims against local, county, state and federal officials naturally based on the facts and merits of a persons case.

Federal Court Litigation

The rights you are afforded under the United States Constitution cannot be infringed upon.

If you feel as though your rights were violated by a physical attack, or by the discrimination of a person acting under color of law, it is important to seek counsel of an knowledgeable attorney. We strive to work to hold accountable those who have deprived you of your basic freedoms.

State Court Litigation

Under Article 78 of the New York State Civil Practice Laws and Rules, an individual may challenge a decision or action of a government official or government entity. Other civil matters can include name changes, insurance cases, orders to show cause, injunctions, temporary restraining orders, abandonment, zoning, planning issues, enforcement of contract terms, and commercial litigation to name just a few topics. Our offices handles these kinds of claims on a case-by-case basis.

Diversity of Citizenship

Sometimes our clients are involved in a case where the opposing party resides outside the state of New York. In situations like this, it might be more expeditious for the federal court to have jurisdiction. If you are involved in a case where another party to the case (individual or corporation) physically resides outside the state of New York, and the amount of money in controversy exceeds the federal court’s jurisdictional limit, we may be able to venue your claim in federal court.

Working Together to Protect Your Rights

When you come into our office, we will sit down with you to listen and explore all options available to you as it may pertain to your case. From there, we will give you our straightforward opinion after exploring all of your options.